Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bye Bye Moomah

LC painted these noisemakers for the New Year's celebration at Moomah, which was a blast.

Sadly, Moomah Café, in Tribeca, closed its doors a few days ago. We will miss you. [NOTE added 4/28/12: Moomah announced they are reopening their doors on May 1, though in a limited capacity. DIT projects can be made on-site during weekly workshops, but they might expand that in the future. They will be serving their amazingly good coffee most of the week again, yay, and one can buy an art project to take home. UPDATED again, a few months later: now they are closed for good, and Moomah functions mainly as an online magazine.]

We had such good times there...we will miss the Funky Forest, the arts &crafts, the friendly staff...and the delicious food and drinks.