Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kindiefest + Plop

One of the awesome things about living in NYC is the variety of live shows. You can literally see a new show (or two or three) every week. Here's LC at Kindiefest 2012, she got on stage with KBC Kids band (hip hop music for kids) and danced happily:

It was great to see Big Bang Boom and Bari Koral Family Rock Band perform, as well. Our three favorites of the seven band lineup today. A whole afternoon of new entertainment (Noon to 4pm).

In the last week, we also saw Plop! at New Victory Theater in Times Square. When the kids were invited to dance, LC got up right away and danced with the actress. At the end of the show, LC went up to the DJ and wanted to play with his sound effects. She enjoyed watching the apples fall during the show...the antics were perfectly entertaining for the preschoolers (while the parents smiled along with the kids).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Enjoy the rest of April...will be back soon.

So much happening the rest of April, we're so busy; will post again on this blog by the beginning of May. When I calculated how much we walked today, exploring new was 3.75 miles! And LC also enjoyed two playgrounds, with a bunch of nice kids. She was chock full of energy. Never whined or complained once about the walking, spread out over 5 hours. Two miles, that's easy for her, one mile is nothing, she doesn't even need to stop...but today was a special trip, with lots of walking and a fun boat ride. I have new art to post on the blog and I look forward to catching up soon. Take care.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Music in Motion and other delights in Dumbo

Bargemusic certainly made an impression on LC. I knew she would remain calm and quiet, though she was the youngest one there (rest of the folks were teens and adults).

She has been falling asleep to classical music every night since she turned 1 year old; she insists upon it, to this day. She loves live shows, of any kind, especially intimate shows and I thought she was ready to see some classical music being performed.

She was absolutely delighted by this experience and calls it "music on a boat". Amazing to feel the swaying of the barge on the water, while listening to beautiful music. The view was wonderful. Afterwards, LC told me her observations: "classical music they play music and not talk or sing...I like the violin and I also liked the piano, too...I liked two of those instruments."

LC was mesmerized by the passionate performance of Arensky Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor, Op. 32. Supremely talented Mark Peskanov played the violin, Dave Eggar rocked the cello and Olga Vinokur was the polished pianist. Later Chuck Palmer joined them to demonstrate some cool percussion with a drum "box".

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is right near Bargemusic, a sweet treat for your mouth before/after a sweet treat for your ears. The hot fudge on the vanilla ice cream sundae was wicked delicious.

If that wasn't enough...a ride on Jane's Carousel (or more accurately, four rides) and Dumbo became one of LC's favorite neighborhoods.

We loved strolling by the water during both visits to Dumbo....

Checking out the stores in the neighborhood. Below pics: LC had her eyes on the little blue guitar with white polka dots at Pomme, she loved the adorable backpacks at Half Pint and she loved browsing the children's book section and sitting on the amphitheater-style seating at powerHouse Arena.

We also grabbed some pizza and hit the "pirate ship playground", where LC could have played in the rowboat sandbox all day long.

We certainly would visit again, with LC's friends. Check out my top 40 list of cool activities for families and additional photos on Mommy Poppins.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bye Bye Moomah

LC painted these noisemakers for the New Year's celebration at Moomah, which was a blast.

Sadly, Moomah CafĂ©, in Tribeca, closed its doors a few days ago. We will miss you. [NOTE added 4/28/12: Moomah announced they are reopening their doors on May 1, though in a limited capacity. DIT projects can be made on-site during weekly workshops, but they might expand that in the future. They will be serving their amazingly good coffee most of the week again, yay, and one can buy an art project to take home. UPDATED again, a few months later: now they are closed for good, and Moomah functions mainly as an online magazine.]

We had such good times there...we will miss the Funky Forest, the arts &crafts, the friendly staff...and the delicious food and drinks.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Noodle Meets Puppet Doll

LC loved the Puppetworks performance of Puss in Boots so much, we saw it twice. They based it on the 1697 French version of the story. Believe me, I've seen my share of puppet shows the last year, at various locations...and this was incredibly entertaining and professionally executed. As always at Puppetworks, the marionettes convey emotion so well with their gestures...but this show has the special element of a live ogre. One of the puppeteers, Jeremy Kerr (who has a background in acting, obviously), does a wonderful job on the puppet stage, interacting with the puppets as if they are real...this really enhanced the experience for kids and parents. And there's a surprise I won't spoil (since they have one more show on April 7 to put on), that makes the audience gasp.

I bought LC one of their handmade puppets (she chose the one with the purple dress...since she loves purple) and she is joyfully telling the hand puppet "doll" about the adventures of "Noodle", her small "superhero" giraffe. She loves to use her imagination and tell stories about her toys. We bought a box of plain oats Cheerios recently and there was a little book inside about "Noodle & Lou", a worm and a bird who are best friends. That's where the name Noodle comes from, it's cute.