Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Taking a break...enjoy the chilly weather!

Taking a break from this blog. Puppet shows, new play spaces and restaurants, sing-alongs, playgrounds, libraries, live shows, museums etc. Oh, also karate class and gymnastics class (both were a blast this week, teacher said LC has such a good attitude), LC introduced herself to a new 5 year old friend, S, who showed LC the correct positions on the mat and ran around with her. LC's art class starts soon. She does want to take soccer again, like she did last spring, but we'll see....she also wants dance, music and theater. She is excited about participating in everything. But she has to narrow down her interests a bit :)

We have some travel on the horizon...mini trips in February...March maybe, too...an adventure trip in April for sure. I haven't confirmed for summer, though we have been invited places. Planning for all that...and that's just free time we're talking about, I've got lots of work to do, as well. SO...I'm taking a little break from this blog, though I have lots of fun creative stuff to post. I am documenting it all and will select the best of LC's art to share soon enough. I will be back here probably mid-February to try to post once a week. Cheers! Enjoy a nice cup of coffee (below photo of the best latte I ever had!! I have to return to Tribeca for another taste)...mmmm...it doesn't feel so cold now.