Tuesday, December 20, 2011

birdhouse + dinosaur collage

Happy holidays! Been crazy busy this month, but not too stressful this holiday season...because we decided not to exchange Christmas gifts this year. (Just like I'm opting out of a 4th birthday celebration for LC and instead we will have a travel adventure outside of NY.) We feel blessed that we are making some amazing memories together and accumulating stuff is not important to us.

This last week and a half, LC and I hit so many fun places. I can't really write about it here, since I'm writing about it for work. But let me share her outside-of-home artwork that is now proudly displayed at home:

LC thoroughly enjoyed painting the wood birdhouse in the above pic and I made the little snowman (with an orange crayon nose). For the below picture frame, LC glued bits of paper down on a board to make a collage and then a Triceratops cutout was placed on top; she decorated the frame with foam animal stickers and palm trees.