Tuesday, December 27, 2011

best Christmas ever

Christmas Day began nicely with LC watching me hang up the Christmas tree she made (well, I cut out the shape and she decorated the tree). When she saw the light reflecting from the chandelier onto the little gemstone stickers...she said "it light up like a real Christmas tree there!"

LC planned the entire day. She had her choice of any activity in NYC (that was open on Xmas Day!)...and she chose the Mary Poppins film at Lincoln Center (only $6 per ticket). We shared a nice tub of popcorn (about $4)...then we walked to the Heckscher playground in Central Park (that's actually my childhood playground and this was LC's first time there, she insisted we go and I managed not to get lost)...we shared a hot dog ($2), then along with a bunch of tourists, in 40 degree weather, LC had a blast in the gigantic sandbox, nice swings...and we climbed real, huge rocks (free and priceless entertainment).

When we got home, I made dinner, we had Christmas cookies, we played board games, read books together and made lots of drawings. LC also had a special Christmas wish that I granted...we couldn't turn on computers, cameras, her portable DVD player, (we have no TV anyway) or use phones all day. That's right, monkey wanted 100% undivided attention from the time we woke up (8am) until the time we slept, which happened to be 8:30pm, because we were so wiped out from our day of fun and it didn't involve spending a lot of money or exchanging presents and LC told me "this was best Christmas ever!"