Saturday, December 10, 2011

bad guy, baby tree, flower, ode to ice cream & mama

LC: "I made a bad guy. The bad guys live in Badland. And the superhero lives in Goodland."

Mommy, baby and orange ice cream:

LC: "It's a baby tree. Tree name Clendacanda tree."

LC: "I made it because you are the sweetest mommy. Mommy and baby, they dancing."

A colorful burst of creative energy:

LC's first drawing of a flower! Exciting for us.

LC: "I made a sad mommy. Him a sad mommy, because he lost her book. It went down that way."

LC: "That's sticks on his hat. That not hair. I'm happy mommy like it. Him smiling because he going to get that chocolate ice cream. And he has green eyes like you. And a green nose."

LC is the absolute sweetest distraction, while I'm trying to get some work done. For example, she was drawing on the chalkboard and saying such cute things: "Cone and Plie, they are mommy and baby. Love your family. Taking a little break on the beach. Silly chalk!"

She also came up to me recently and convinced me to attend her "lego school," where LC teaches the fine art of building the perfect tower with the small lego pieces. She was a very good teacher.

She has become a fan of Rigatoni pasta...and tonight after dinner, she told me "thank you mother for a lovely pasta meal." That's a direct quote, ha. So polite, for a 3 year old!

Her favorite phrase now is "don't worry about it", she picked it up from me, but it sounds so cute when a 3 year old says she will take care of her mommy doesn't have to worry about it. Very considerate and helpful.