Friday, December 30, 2011

LC Bracelet for New Year's

Today we did a LOT of fun stuff on the Upper West Side. Let me share one of our activities. LC made a beautiful bracelet to wear on New Year's Eve/Day. She chose the beads (including a sparky L and C) and charms and then strung them onto the lace string...and a staff member helped secure the clasp.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 2011 was AWESOME for all of us here...our family is so happy. We wish for more of the same for 2012. This weekend is going to be a lot of fun for the little one :-)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

best Christmas ever

Christmas Day began nicely with LC watching me hang up the Christmas tree she made (well, I cut out the shape and she decorated the tree). When she saw the light reflecting from the chandelier onto the little gemstone stickers...she said "it light up like a real Christmas tree there!"

LC planned the entire day. She had her choice of any activity in NYC (that was open on Xmas Day!)...and she chose the Mary Poppins film at Lincoln Center (only $6 per ticket). We shared a nice tub of popcorn (about $4)...then we walked to the Heckscher playground in Central Park (that's actually my childhood playground and this was LC's first time there, she insisted we go and I managed not to get lost)...we shared a hot dog ($2), then along with a bunch of tourists, in 40 degree weather, LC had a blast in the gigantic sandbox, nice swings...and we climbed real, huge rocks (free and priceless entertainment).

When we got home, I made dinner, we had Christmas cookies, we played board games, read books together and made lots of drawings. LC also had a special Christmas wish that I granted...we couldn't turn on computers, cameras, her portable DVD player, (we have no TV anyway) or use phones all day. That's right, monkey wanted 100% undivided attention from the time we woke up (8am) until the time we slept, which happened to be 8:30pm, because we were so wiped out from our day of fun and it didn't involve spending a lot of money or exchanging presents and LC told me "this was best Christmas ever!"

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

birdhouse + dinosaur collage

Happy holidays! Been crazy busy this month, but not too stressful this holiday season...because we decided not to exchange Christmas gifts this year. (Just like I'm opting out of a 4th birthday celebration for LC and instead we will have a travel adventure outside of NY.) We feel blessed that we are making some amazing memories together and accumulating stuff is not important to us.

This last week and a half, LC and I hit so many fun places. I can't really write about it here, since I'm writing about it for work. But let me share her outside-of-home artwork that is now proudly displayed at home:

LC thoroughly enjoyed painting the wood birdhouse in the above pic and I made the little snowman (with an orange crayon nose). For the below picture frame, LC glued bits of paper down on a board to make a collage and then a Triceratops cutout was placed on top; she decorated the frame with foam animal stickers and palm trees.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

bad guy, baby tree, flower, ode to ice cream & mama

LC: "I made a bad guy. The bad guys live in Badland. And the superhero lives in Goodland."

Mommy, baby and orange ice cream:

LC: "It's a baby tree. Tree name Clendacanda tree."

LC: "I made it because you are the sweetest mommy. Mommy and baby, they dancing."

A colorful burst of creative energy:

LC's first drawing of a flower! Exciting for us.

LC: "I made a sad mommy. Him a sad mommy, because he lost her book. It went down that way."

LC: "That's sticks on his hat. That not hair. I'm happy mommy like it. Him smiling because he going to get that chocolate ice cream. And he has green eyes like you. And a green nose."

LC is the absolute sweetest distraction, while I'm trying to get some work done. For example, she was drawing on the chalkboard and saying such cute things: "Cone and Plie, they are mommy and baby. Love your family. Taking a little break on the beach. Silly chalk!"

She also came up to me recently and convinced me to attend her "lego school," where LC teaches the fine art of building the perfect tower with the small lego pieces. She was a very good teacher.

She has become a fan of Rigatoni pasta...and tonight after dinner, she told me "thank you mother for a lovely pasta meal." That's a direct quote, ha. So polite, for a 3 year old!

Her favorite phrase now is "don't worry about it", she picked it up from me, but it sounds so cute when a 3 year old says she will take care of her mommy doesn't have to worry about it. Very considerate and helpful.

Dancing Queen & Cupcake Love

Been a very busy week for us, but lots of fun. We went to a cupcake decorating party (creative and delicious!), two live shows (LC ran up to the stage to dance with the performers on the UWS and she contributed to a story in Midtown), a studio arts workshop, a brunch, her first arcade experience, an awesome playground slide, lots of toy shops etc. A Director of a cool preschool program told us she would like LC to start in the spring, which is rare for kids to start midyear...I have to give it some thought. A lot more stuff coming up the rest of December and all of January for us. LC is making new friends, we're considering moving to a new place and I am transitioning back into the work world. So, I will try to update this creative blog weekly with some of LC's art.