Monday, November 21, 2011

crayons & craft paper, a boat, a cake, the word sat

Isn't this such a lovely drawing? LC: "I making an old city."

Such simple materials, too. The wrapping paper we buy from the discount store is rolled around a large sheet of brown craft paper that normally gets thrown, I thought hmmmm....let's not throw it out...let me just tape that to the living room floor and invite LC to grab her crayons and draw.

We went to a very nice 3rd birthday outing for one of LC's friends and a Melissa & Doug watercolor paint set was given to us in the party favor bag...LC didn't waste any time making a painting at home.

Contruction paper, crayons. LC: "A fly in the jungle...a fly came from the jungle."

Crayola Model Magic. LC: "I made a boat!"

LC: "I made a cake!"

Here's LC doing a happy dance. Why?

She sounded out and read her first word. (10 lessons down for us, 90 to go.)

Added note (11/26/11): Though we were progressing well through the lessons...her joyfulness was being extinguished by the structured approach...I decided to abandon the book. I much prefer how a 3 year old (and 4 year old) learns about the world naturally...self-initiating...exploration...asking questions etc. It's not about bragging rights to's about LC remaining happy and building on knowledge as she follows her interests. She loves books. She loves letters and numbers. She still comes up to me, wide-eyed, to tell me how this word and that word start with the same letter and end with this sound etc. But I'm not going to pressure her to learn how to read, write, spell and do math & take (ugh) tests based on some arbitrary timeline. A 3 year old should PLAY, no matter how bright the 3 year old may need to school them when they should be playing...and I shouldn't feel pressured to do so by those we meet in NYC. Let's create. Let's play. Be happy.

I can't get enough of LC's crayon drawings...and neither can she :-)