Wednesday, November 23, 2011

collage mania - adding whatever is on hand!

She sat at the kitchen table and I gave her the materials. She went through quite a lot of drawing pads the last few months, so I decided to take off the brown cardboard backing from a couple of those old pads. So, she had a nice hard surface to work with...and I gave her the remaining Crayola Washable Kids' Paint (non-toxic, no mixing with water necessary, bright colors, and awesome washability). When she finished the painting, I gave her a new set of Crayola Washable Glitter Glue tubes. LC (explaining her painting): "A place where they have horses. Black horses and white horses and brown horses."

She is wearing the clear Alex Artist Apron with Long Sleeves, which will fit her until she is 6 years old. It doesn't look super comfy, but she hasn't complained yet...probably because she is used to wearing bibs for meals. Clean-up was just a quick wipe of the vinyl apron, the pink vinyl tablecloth and a little soap and water on her hands. Threw out a couple of styrofoam plates, rinsed the brush and put away the art supplies...and left the paintings on a shelf to dry. Yes, when we go to art workshops/classes, LC can go at it and get as messy as she wants in the studio rooms. At our home, we like to minimize mess and make clean-up fast and easy...but I would never deprive her of the pleasure of making art with her little hands.

She finished a second painting and told me she wanted glue. I took out the Elmer's Washable School Glue. She needed suggestions for a collage. I love mixed media collage art paintings, there are no rules...have fun using your imagination. I really should get some old magazines and create little tear sheets of all sorts of pictures and cut up some old fabric and wallpaper, too...and collect old buttons, stamps, metal pieces...put it all in a she can have a bunch of cool patterns, textures, images & colors to spice up a collage. She can take this further in the future and use various media (not just paint), opaque or transparent, and also layer the work a bit.

I said "how about feathers?" She liked that idea. Then, she wanted "sparkly stuff." So, I gave her a scrunched up bit of silver paper and a few sparkly shapes that she glued onto the painting. Then, she asked for "more stuff" so I gave her a yellow pipe cleaner. Then I looked in my closet and ripped off the moon & stars section of a Stayfree Maxi Pads bag (bet you didn't expect that). LC still wanted "more stuff" for the collage. So, I gave her a handful of wooden beads, then a handful of pennies. She found this fascinating and had fun sticking them to the surface and wanted more pennies. That's all I had, though. Lastly, I gave her a couple of Mickey Mouse band-aids and told her "OK, I think this is all I have for the collage, don't you think this is done now?" She nodded. There you have it. Pics below, after her artwork dried overnight.

Happy Thanksgiving!