Monday, November 28, 2011

collaboration - my pencil drawings + LC's crayons

This ended up being a collaborative work. My witch drawing fascinated LC and she wanted to color it. LC colored in the witch's face and part of her hair and body and I colored in the rest...then LC added a pink cloud. I thought she was done, but no...she then did something amazing...LC told me she had an idea...she wanted to add a "tree with branches and leaves and apples." She drew that all by herself, enhancing my original illustration.

Then, LC wanted to go through the rest of my 14" x 17" sketch pad. She asked if she could color in some other pages. I joined in, now and then. She enjoyed coloring in my illustrations with me more than she seems to like coloring books that we pick up. I guess she felt like we were a team, making art together.

We did this for about an hour. She made me promise that we would do it again the next day.