Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tricks & Treats at the NY A-scarium

Another early Halloween celebration for us...this time LC dressed up as a robot and we visited the NY Aquarium, which was transformed into the A-scarium. Two weeks ago LC dressed up as an ice cream cone for the "Boo at the Zoo" at the Bronx Zoo (4 posts down).

LC was so excited to see a magician, for the first time. She kept trying to go on stage whenever he requested help. She wanted to see his show twice. Here she is posing with Mike Maioni, AKA The Silly Magician:

LC (and I...and just about all the kids and grown-ups) were mesmerized and entertained by Lu Ann Adams, an incredible storyteller. Here's LC posing with her:

LC loves music...and a very talented pair of musicians provided LC with the opportunity to be an enthusiastic 3 year old dancing robot for almost half an hour straight, no fear of the audience watching her. (She would have gone on stage, if I didn't instruct her to dance in front of the stage, not on the stage please!) Here she is posing with lead singer Alastair Moock, kneeling next to LC (it appeared that one of his sweet, twin, 5 year old daughters, dressed in pink, danced next to LC for a bit) and standing above LC (the guy who saw us in the cafe earlier and asked LC if she was a "space robot") Anand Nayak. By the way, LC replied "no, I a regular robot."

A lunch break. You can see that I clipped old, Christmas, silver, curly wrapping decorations onto LC's hair, last minute, to try to make the robot costume a little bit girly.

It was the aquarium we visited, after all, so we did get a chance to see lots of fish, sharks, sea turtles, seahorses, electric eels, sting ray, sea lions etc.

When we got home, LC was thrilled to play with the mini treasures she chose at the aquarium store: a fish ink stamper & bubble wand, a frog glitter snow globe, a stuffed, she still had the fish sticker on her hand (compliments of the storyteller), the pretend giant one dollar magic bill (compliments of the magician) and the rubber octopus & eel and the ghost spinning top (treats given out by the aquarium).