Wednesday, October 19, 2011

stringing make some jewelry

LC had a blast making jewelry, at home. She felt very proud choosing the wood beads, charms and strings for each necklace or bracelet that she made... & stringing the beads together...all by herself. Yes, it helps improve fine motor skills...and it's something she can do solo for an hour straight (after I make the knot for her, so the beads don't fall off)....but it also gives her great joy to make gifts.

The necklace she made for herself (doggy charm + pink & purple beads + purple string):

The necklace she made for her friend V's upcoming birthday (cat charm + blue, green, orange, purple beads + blue string):

She wore it so I could take a picture...then she helped wrap it in some silver paper...and she found a little purple ribbon.

Then, she wanted to make something for I asked for a bracelet with the cute red & black creature and only red beads...(I wanted a color combo that would work with something from my wardrobe, so I could actually wear this outside...proudly telling folks my 3 year old daughter made this for me!)

She is excited that we have enough beads leftover for like 8 more necklaces...she is telling me that she would like to make some jewelry for Christmas gifts. She said "I love making jewelries. Thank you getting these forever. I want to get these again next time, mommy."