Thursday, October 27, 2011

peel-to-reveal crayon sticks delight LC

We are so excited that it's almost Halloween! We are going to have a ton of fun this weekend and on Monday.

LC broke out the new set of Melissa & Doug jumbo triangular crayons this week. She calls this drawing "Black Fish":

I might buy LC a magnetic, wooden figure dress-up set for Christmas, because now she is enjoying dressing up the Melissa & Doug stickers.

LC loves drawing happy faces:

For years, we chose not to watch a lot of TV, since it's such a passive activity and wastes so much time. Then, the TV broke down and it has been 3 months now that we have survived without a TV. Life is great! We enjoy so many activities, inside and outside the home.

Winding down before bedtime yesterday, LC and I decided to sit across from each other in the living room and draw for an hour straight. I brought out a new set of crayon pencils that do not require a sharpener...they are "peel-to-reveal" crayon sticks. You just pull the string and unwrap some of the paper to sharpen the crayon. They are the shape and size of jumbo pencils, which will help LC learn proper pencil grip. I bought these at a cool toy store in Park Slope called Toy Space. I can't find this set online yet at places like Amazon. But a place called Paper Source has them:

"Color Appeel" is touted as being "ridiculously awesome" and LC agrees. They will last a long time. We barely made a dent in the crayon sticks after an hour (and LC presses hard). LC presented me with (5) 11"x14" drawings and here are the top 3:

I managed to complete one random 14"x17" drawing (and it helped clear my mind at the end of a long day):