Thursday, October 6, 2011

Maze Craze

LC is starting off with some easy mazes, on paper...and loving it. She is even trying to draw her own mazes, it's so cute. (I introduced her to mazes a few months ago by drawing a few on the chalkboard.) I like that she is practicing her pencil skills, as well as having fun with these easy mazes, specifically created for 2-4 year Kumon. She wanted to finish the whole book, but I convinced her to pace herself...and we'll put the workbook back on the shelf...and play again with mazes next week.

She also had her first try at cutting a straight line with a pair of safety scissors. I told her not to worry, it will take lots of practice...we'll try a little every week, whenever she wants to do it. Once she masters the line, there are other shapes to cut out in the workbook.

She is a child who is very curious...and loves to explore..she has lots of interests and when she learns something new, she glows with pride.