Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Letter Z, a witch, inspired drawings, 12 books

LC wanted me to buy her a composition book. She turned to a page and then wrote the letter Z, all by herself...without tracing or copying from anything.

LC (describing pic below): "I drawing a girl walking to see fishes and named L."

Then, she described another picture she drew (I forgot to take a photo of it)..."This is a picture people getting pretzels." But here's another picture (shown below) with the full description given by LC: "I made a superhero and that superhero is going save squirrel stuck in tree. Squirrel going fall in water. SuperL is going to save squirrel. SuperL has cape on."

LC drew this picture and she said "I know what color I make...blue and red line make purple! That's water in a lake":

Then, she wrote this on the back of the picture (shown below)... and she said "'Thank you for making this beautiful picture'...I write that on picture I made." (She hears me say that to her when she hands me a drawing. She sees me writing on the back - but I'm usually writing the date and a description...so it's funny she "wrote" those thank you words on the back of the drawing.)

LC described her drawing (shown below) "I draw a man and he has a hat on him. And he has a flower on him. And he is in a party with lots of pink and purple decorations. And he saying hurray because he is going to have a party."

Here's a painting, on canvas, that hangs on my dining room wall:

LC loves that painting. And she came up to me with a recent drawing of hers (shown below)...and said: "This is the painting on the wall".

LC took a break from her draw-a-thon at home...to return to another favorite activity...building with her legos.

Then she told me she had a "few books" she wanted me to read to her. I fell for that trick...she gathered a dozen books for a midday reading. She likes to clean up...so she returned all the books to the shelves afterwards. I have her books, puzzles and board games accessible now...not just her toys...and she has learned to keep things organized, so we don't lose anything.

LC (describing her drawing, shown below): "This biggest planet...Jupiter. It has rings. I drew an astronaut, too."

It was fitting, since we went to a couple of pre-Halloween 2011 celebrations together...that LC drew "a witch!!" (it does look like a witch form... flying through the air...the colors capturing the mood - a forest, sunshine etc.):

As a side note...I didn't realize that $6 mini snow globe we bought at the NY Aquarium store glows...LC found the tiny switch and it looks magical in the dark...when shaken, with the glitter floating.