Friday, October 7, 2011

building maze, fish, Alex, bricks, car, regular green

LC decided to take her love of mazes and attempt to create her own. She calls this drawing "Building Maze":

LC said "I made a fish":

LC (describing the drawing, shown below): "A woman in a town. Her name is Alex. In a commercial I see Alex. Alex want to go in a party."

LC taking a sticker break. Creating a birthday card for her friend V's 3rd birthday coming up in a few weeks.

I have to get her a new box of crayons...little bits of a few crayons left at home now...huge drawing frenzy. LC calls this drawing "bricks":

LC (describing the drawing shown below): "Car is named Petek Car....the car have 3 windows...the car is on the I going to draw a horn on the car and inside the car is mommy and baby."

LC: "Is this light green or dark green?"

Me: "That's just regular green."

30 minutes later...

LC: "Where is the regular green crayon?"