Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my sweet little treat for Halloween

We were at the playground for at least 2 hours today...LC had a fun game of chase with 4 boys her age. She stated "I chase you now! We playing chase." They ran for cover behind their care-takers. Developmentally, she has moved on easily to cooperative play...but some 3 year olds seem to be in parallel play mode, still. When we got home...she tried on a Halloween costume. We're already looking forward to the ton of fun we will have this Halloween...with all the events scheduled for kids leading up to the big day. LC doesn't really know Halloween is about candy for most kids. Last year, after we marched in a parade...I let her take one piece of candy, as a treat. It's more about dressing up in a costume, joining other kids to celebrate and some slightly spooky fun etc. LC really wants to be an ice cream cone this year: