Tuesday, September 27, 2011

little house with a door and brown crayon chosen

Spectacular beginning to fall 2011...love the art class and the studio workshop for this semester - great teachers, bright kids and friendly parents (I'll try to take some pics and post them in December)...and lots of fun activities are planned with LC's best friend, V, all over NYC. Enjoying the wonderful weather...LC and I walk 2 miles a day, easily. Can't wait for lots of leaves to change color and fall to the ground, so we can gather some for home-based art (LC spotted a few yellow and red ones on the trees already...waiting to spot orange and purple, too.)

Here are a few remaining pics for September, taken at our home. LC said "this is a little house with a door on it!":

Brown crayon takes center stage:

She likes to arrange the animal magnets on her magnetic board. She can't wait for us to get a pet.