Sunday, September 11, 2011

it was a great summer & we're gearing up for fall 2011

We had such a nice play date recently, with LC's best friend, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We attended Puppetonia...a mix of puppets, dancing and "interactive, entertaining and educational puppet show" for young kids.

We had an awesome summer...lots of good trips...we went to farms, boat rides, amusement parks, museums, playgrounds, pony rides, restaurants, live shows, beaches, movie theaters, aquariums, zoos...and many visits with friends and family, too. It's almost fall now and we're going back to a routine of classes (starting with yoga, art, music/dance), museum workshops, nature walks, various playgrounds...and some exciting live performances coming up, my favorite neighborhoods in NYC! LC is making a lot of new friends, wherever we go...and we chilax at home to gear up for our fun adventures out in the world.