Friday, August 19, 2011

self-portrait, brown doggy or penguin pet, 9, pool zoo

LC has been drawing a lot with her crayons lately...I love the variety of colors and shapes.

LC ran up to me and pointed to the center of the page (shown below)...and she said "I made a 9!!!!" It looks a bit more like the letter g...but I can see it as a number 9, good for you scrunchie! To me, it also looks like there's a little mouse on the top right...and a face on the middle left of the page. She chose to use a forest green colored crayon, below. She chooses all the crayon colors and paper colors for her drawings (above pic, yellow construction paper...though usually she goes for her off-white drawing paper pad).

This was a self-portrait, with a happy face...she calls this "!"

We see stray cats a lot when we step yet another "cat" drawing below...(though she told me she wants a "brown doggy" as a pet, because I used to have one....or "a penguin", she said!)

I found LC adding a bunch of little fish stickers to her large lego building plate.

You can do a lot of different things with Wikki Stix. I got them as party favors for her 3rd birthday party. I brought them out recently...and she wanted to make alphabet letters...she especially wanted to make an "O" over and over I added other letters to the page and asked her to add O's... to create words like "zoo" and "pool" etc. The big plus, Wikki Stix are reusable, we peel 'em off...stick 'em back onto the sheet and then use them again another time.