Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Mother Goose

Taking a break from my summer post this. Copying drawings from a book...source book was on my right side...pad was to my left. Here's the result: (click on any image to see the larger pic, then click back)

I'm's a heat wave...what do you do when it feels like 101 degrees outside, with no end in sight?...and you don't want to step out of air-conditioning today...hmmm...torn between grabbing the new knitting needles or old art supplies...the latter won out (because LC interrupting me dozens of times will not affect the outcome of a drawing so much)...

I grabbed a pad of Strathmore smooth newsprint paper from my shelf (it's an inexpensive surface for practicing drawing techniques) of my Faber-Castell 9000 HB pencils ("over a century of history as an important working tool of writers, artists and engineers")....and one of LC's favorite children's books (My First Mother Goose)...that's all I needed.

LC is most certainly fascinated by the process of mama copying's like magic to her. I enjoy freehand drawing, with no grid, no measurements or special's not about's more about learning the techniques of skilled illustrators...and getting inside his/her head...figuring out why the artist included specific details, what is unique in terms of their style...and how you can incorporate your own style to change it up a bit...and getting some ideas for a totally new creation later.

It's a starting point...and it gets the creative juices flowing and forces you to practice drawing some things (expressions on people's faces, clothing, gestures, animals, nature, objects) you may not be comfortable drawing yet. To challenge myself, I set a limit of 15 minutes per page. I also enjoyed LC looking at the book and then at the sheet of paper...and announcing the images that were materializing and what was still missing.