Wednesday, June 1, 2011

last day, hanging sculptures class

Today was the last day of the hanging sculptures class for preschoolers. A fun 8 weeks, with a short commute to the school. Now LC's many wonderful sculptures are hanging all over our home. Amy (mom, artist, owner of the school) was an amazing teacher, she really connected with the young students and made the moms feel inspired to create their own artwork.

A couple of photos of LC outside the school today, right before we entered:

LC's artwork is hanging up in the school window!'s the one on the upper right, 3 watercolor papers, held together with string, one on top of the other - smallish paper with purple on it, then big rectangle with blue and then medium-sized with pink paint (you'll see a closeup of it, at home, further down in this post).

This is the sculpture made last week...the teacher gave us a choice of many sticks, various sizes and shapes...nice to have a sculpture made from nature...LC chose two small twigs. Sadly, the "plant" portion LC liked, that made it look like a tree...the bit of green...didn't make it all the way home...fell off in my I stuck some of it in the white paper (as you see below)...originally, it was on top, hanging off a "branch", naturally. LC tore up pieces of white rice paper and scrunched them up into balls (like cherry blossoms)...then told me where she wanted them to be glued...and then she took strips of the white paper, with glue on it, and wrapped them around the two twigs.

Here it is hanging to the "pirate ship" corrugated cardboard & toothpick sculpture LC made a few weeks ago. LC was pleased to see it hanging there this afternoon...she said "tree next to pirate ship, yay". And both of those pieces are near the beloved "ant" crayon drawing LC made at home weeks ago...that I put in a picture frame and hung remind her to be brave when we step out onto the porch.

Here is the sculpture that was hanging up in the school window...LC made it a couple of weeks ago...white watercolor paper, drawing made with various oil pastel stick colors...then paint was applied with a small brush, over the drawing. LC did this entirely by herself....except I tied the paper together with strings. LC chose pink and blue paint out of the various paints offered and they were given in separate dishes...but she mixed the colors and that is why there is purple paint on some of the papers. Red+blue (they are primary colors)=purple....since pink is a shade of red (red+white=pink)...we get purple when pink and blue are combined.

LC created a different design on each side of the there are many possible combinations...and if I hang this up near an open window...the papers will flip back and forth....and it can look like this...

or like this...

or like this...(well, you get the idea).

This is what was made today, on the last day of class...(as an aside, I just love that we were given this awesome silver ball chain to keep at our has 6 up to 6 individual parts can be clipped onto it...and there's a hoop all the way on top to hang it up...and a little weight on the bottom of the chain to keep it steady and held down). I can just swap out artwork later that she makes at home and put up new pieces so easily.

There are two sides for each sheet, with various designs...but you can't see the backs in this photo. We were given red, gray, black and white sheets of paper...and asked to tear them up, with our hands, however we like...any size or shape. I helped LC with this part of the assignment, trying to create some interesting addition to the bits she tore up (for example, LC liked the gray "fish" I created...not as easy as you might imagine without scissors, ha, and the black heart, and the "U" shaped gray piece... but the rest were hers, front and back.) LC then chose the base paper colors (she chose black, red and red)...and she looked at the stack of many torn papers...and she selected the ones she wanted to glue on each piece of paper. She applied the glue with a brush, as I held down the paper for her, and then she layered & positioned it all...however she liked....pressing down...creating this paper sculpture: