Sunday, June 26, 2011

June art workshops

LC attended a few June art workshops at ArtHouse School and had a lot of fun. Lizzy is such a wonderful art teacher...she has a calm demeanor and connects easily with children and their parents. She came up with very interesting projects and was able to guide the young children, working with their unique personalities. Some photos of LC's workshop artwork, below:

Lizzy had this great idea of giving the kids rice (that had food coloring on it), separated into cups (yellow rice, blue/green rice, red/pink rice), a sheet of white paper and a container of glue. The kids loved the project! First, LC drew with the Elmer's pourable glue, then she sprinkled the colorful rice onto the paper. We shook the paper and the rice that wasn't stuck on glue fell off...and there you go, picture above of the final work.

Another fun project...a small collage, using glue sticks and various pre-cut papers, thin foam and also feathers. This gave LC an opportunity to feel different textures and explore layering of the materials. LC always loves working with different colors.

A photo of LC's work in progress below...of another fun project. Lizzy gave us drawings of gumball machines. The children had fun mixing primary colored paints on a form new colors...then brushing the colors onto circle stickers and placing the stickers on the drawings, like gumballs inside the machine. Lizzy gave a nice demonstration and lesson about mixing colors.

Lizzy gave the kids coffee filters...and markers...LC had a lot of fun picking the colors and making the marks on the white filters...then we sprayed water on the the colors blended and looked more like watercolor.

We scrunched up the filters, like flowers, and LC chose a purple pipe cleaner to hold the filters together...and she wanted to wear it in her hair, after it dried.