Sunday, May 29, 2011

white, blue, green for summer...capri pants & tops

There was a major Memorial Day sale at my favorite kids clothing store...and my mom & brother offered me $75 total to get LC some new summer clothes. Though LC adores skirts, shorts and she was in the mood for "pants and shirts". I bought 3 capri pants for her, 5 shirts, 1 cotton cardigan and 1 headband. I decided she has enough pinks and let's add white, blue and green to her wardrobe. (Yellow would have been nice, too, but they didn't have anything nice in yellow on sale.) The clothes will transition nicely into early fall, as well...and hopefully will fit her next spring/summer. I thought it was a good bargain to get 10 high quality items for that amount of money. I love keeping to a budget and still getting cute clothes for LC. She takes good care of her clothes, so they last as long as she fits into them. Take a look at what she will be wearing soon: