Friday, May 13, 2011

Pirate Ship Car

NOTE: I don't name LC's drawings/paintings...SHE is the one who tells me, in just a few words, what she created...and then I post that as the title of her artwork. And she hasn't had an art class where she paints/draws in quite a long most of what you see on the blog was created at home...unless I specifically mention something was created in a class or LC currently is enrolled in a sculpture class.

Today she drew Mama Face:

3 days ago, she drew Mommy Cutting Hair:

LC drew Baby So Cranky:

In sculpture class, the teacher gave out glue with a mini brush, toothpicks and pre-cut corrugated cardboard to each child. LC had a blast peeling the cardboard and then stacking the pieces together with toothpicks (yes, I assisted LC in gluing it, so it wouldn't fall apart).

LC calls her sculpture Pirate Ship Car: