Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day weekend home base art

Just because it's a busy holiday weekend and we had plans to socialize, socialize, socialize, here and there and everywhere... doesn't mean that LC & I didn't make time for some art at home. Today LC told me she had "so much fun creamy crayons!" I found an old box of Alex Creamy Crayons yesterday...and LC made her drawings...and then I gave her a paintbrush and water...and she blended the drawings, so they took on a watercolor effect.

LC's loves it when I I made these 2 primitive drawings for her...she was very happy:

At grandma's home...LC had fun with crayons...LC made "a caterpillar":

LC took a photo of the Strawberry Shortcake figure that came with the remote-controlled car I bought for her birthday. (The figure smells like strawberries...which began LC's fascination with the fruit.)

Explain to me...when did they start making a Crayola crayon with the color named "macaroni and cheese"? LC loves making greeting cards. And she loves alphabet letters. And she loves stickers. And she loves this activity combined all those things, a real winner. First, LC drew a dinosaur with markers. Then, she took the alphabet letter sticker sheet and I told her how to spell the names...basically, I told her to select a specific letter (there were different colors of each letter)...and she found the letter...and then I told her to put the letter right next to the letter she just stuck on the paper etc. It went slowly. She liked it a lot.

LC accidentally stuck her dinosaur stickers on another sheet of, I had to peel them off...and put Elmer's glue on them and ask her exactly where she wanted them on the greeting card. I should have just handed them to her, but I was afraid she would stick them again on different paper. I was getting sleepy. Of course, I folded the card...but this is how the front & back look:

And the inside of the card:

I have to remember to drop by to give the card to his grandparents.

Now that LC thoroughly enjoyed her first dental visit...and scored a perfect 100%...she can't stop showing her teeth...the amazing thing is in this picture, I noticed that I can count all 20 baby teeth (if you don't believe me, click on the below picture and count!)....that's a BIG smile on an itty bitty 3 year old.