Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ladder and cup circles

We had a ton of fun in art class. Amy is a wonderful teacher. LC keeps telling her "I love you...thank you, Amy". For printing by hand, we used pre-cut red felt, LC's felt was 14" x 18" and mine was about 9" x 18", as the background for the black or white (if mixed, gray) paint circles. We were given various sizes of plastic cups...and we dipped each cup into a plate of paint...then pressed the cups onto the felt. LC created this by herself:

This is mine:

Here they are hanging up at home today...I put them below the framed, "blue fish" artwork that LC created at home, with paint pens, when she was 22 months old.

Another fun project with felt was in Amy's sculpture class. We were given many black & purple strips of felt...rectangles and well as glue & brushes. The kids could do whatever they wanted to do with it, choosing the shapes and make their own hanging sculpture design. LC told me immediately "I want make ladder"...and the only thing I helped her with...was telling her where she should brush the glue (e.g. each end of the ladder rung, rather than the middle of it) and helping her put down the pieces exactly where she pointed...before she could press down on it (just so glued areas would be touching some fabric). LC had it layered the way she liked and she decided the placement of the hole punch.

Here it is hanging's nice to have the sculptures hanging up in our living room and dining room...LC will pass by the art and say proudly "I made that in art class!" She is delighted when I hang up her work...the art she makes at home or in class....and she tells me "put on computer" and show this person or that person.