Tuesday, May 24, 2011

dandelion + red orange + yellow orange Crayola

The interesting thing about LC's newfound love of coloring books...is that she will either cover every single bit of white space with crayon (in this case, she's loving the dandelion + yellow orange + red orange combo of Crayola, which she picked out of 64 colors in a box):
OR...she will pick like one or two items on the page and just color those items...telling me it is now a finished page and she must start on a new page. Like in this Hello Kitty coloring book.
Incidentally, I got that coloring book at a discount store nearby (a drugstore employee mentioned it would be the nearest place to find coloring books)...and wow, it was a treasure-filled store...the kind of treasure LC appreciates. Coloring books, balls and stickers galore. Most under $2. The variety of stickers I was able to get...that stick super great on paper...without breaking the bank...I couldn't believe...LC was anxious to get home fast, so she could sit at the dining room table and stick, stick, stick. We're talking dinosaurs, cars, fairies, fruits, animals and alphabet letters. I helped LC spell her name with stickers, she liked that. Then, I asked her "how do you spell your name?" and she went back to the paper and read the letters out loud. She definitely has the first letter of her name down...because recently we saw a local bus pass us by with the word "Limited" on it...and LC said "why did they name that bus with MY name?"