Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 as is...and 5 tweaked for effect

Here are ALL the photos LC took this evening, at home, on her Kidizoom camera. The first 5 photos were untouched by me, no digital manipulation. I like this one in particular, the doll face down under the chair...kinda sad mood, but with a bright pop of flash off the chair leg.

Top of the dining room window curtain.

My hand on the mouse, egg shaker, crayon, laptop, Sesame Street card. (I did CROP this one, last second before posting.)

Not sure what this is....but I like the colors and shapes. Probably a piece of paper and her little Sesame Street backpack on the dining room table.

Papers on the dining room table and the mouse cord.

Now for the images that I did manipulate digitally...the 5 below. First, I took 3 of LC's photos of my mouse cord...and I thought these looked cooler devoid of color and with the contrast bumped up a few notches.

Then I had some fun with 2 pictures she took of mommy. I adjusted the hue & the saturation of color in the pictures, in an extreme way...cropped them...played with contrast. Gave them a different vibe.

(I was holding my hands up to show her that if she wanted a picture of my face, like she said she did...then LC needed to hold the camera higher up and click...she thought this was funny.)