Tuesday, May 31, 2011

crazy in love with my little monkey

I am crazy in love with my little monkey, my first born. A friend of mine told me something today that made me so happy..."I really get the sense she will always stand by you. She might rebel at home when she's a teenager, but I think the kind of bond you two are forging is pretty iron-clad."

Tomorrow is our last art class of the season. LC is a little sad about that...so I booked her for (4) 1 hour art workshops in June, to ease the transition...no classes, just a summer of totally awesome fun. I'm not sure if I can continue the blog throughout the whole summer, it depends on access...so check back if you don't see posts in a while. Also, part of my relaxation plan for this summer is not to document everything that happens, shocking...I know.

Lego Family - By LC

LC was very excited to show me something...she connected legos in a way that she said showed a "family hug"...and then she explained who was hugging...(left to right, YOUR view of the picture below, from tallest lego column to green lego column) "new daddy, baby, D, mama".

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day weekend home base art

Just because it's a busy holiday weekend and we had plans to socialize, socialize, socialize, here and there and everywhere... doesn't mean that LC & I didn't make time for some art at home. Today LC told me she had "so much fun creamy crayons!" I found an old box of Alex Creamy Crayons yesterday...and LC made her drawings...and then I gave her a paintbrush and water...and she blended the drawings, so they took on a watercolor effect.

LC's loves it when I participate...so I made these 2 primitive drawings for her...she was very happy:

At grandma's home...LC had fun with crayons...LC made "a caterpillar":

LC took a photo of the Strawberry Shortcake figure that came with the remote-controlled car I bought for her birthday. (The figure smells like strawberries...which began LC's fascination with the fruit.)

Explain to me...when did they start making a Crayola crayon with the color named "macaroni and cheese"? LC loves making greeting cards. And she loves alphabet letters. And she loves stickers. And she loves markers...so this activity combined all those things, a real winner. First, LC drew a dinosaur with markers. Then, she took the alphabet letter sticker sheet and I told her how to spell the names...basically, I told her to select a specific letter (there were different colors of each letter)...and she found the letter...and then I told her to put the letter right next to the letter she just stuck on the paper etc. It went slowly. She liked it a lot.

LC accidentally stuck her dinosaur stickers on another sheet of paper...so, I had to peel them off...and put Elmer's glue on them and ask her exactly where she wanted them on the greeting card. I should have just handed them to her, but I was afraid she would stick them again on different paper. I was getting sleepy. Of course, I folded the card...but this is how the front & back look:

And the inside of the card:

I have to remember to drop by to give the card to his grandparents.

Now that LC thoroughly enjoyed her first dental visit...and scored a perfect 100%...she can't stop showing her teeth...the amazing thing is in this picture, I noticed that I can count all 20 baby teeth (if you don't believe me, click on the below picture and count!)....that's a BIG smile on an itty bitty 3 year old.

white, blue, green for summer...capri pants & tops

There was a major Memorial Day sale at my favorite kids clothing store...and my mom & brother offered me $75 total to get LC some new summer clothes. Though LC adores skirts, shorts and dresses...today she was in the mood for "pants and shirts". I bought 3 capri pants for her, 5 shirts, 1 cotton cardigan and 1 headband. I decided she has enough pinks and purples...so let's add white, blue and green to her wardrobe. (Yellow would have been nice, too, but they didn't have anything nice in yellow on sale.) The clothes will transition nicely into early fall, as well...and hopefully will fit her next spring/summer. I thought it was a good bargain to get 10 high quality items for that amount of money. I love keeping to a budget and still getting cute clothes for LC. She takes good care of her clothes, so they last as long as she fits into them. Take a look at what she will be wearing soon:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ladder and cup circles

We had a ton of fun in art class. Amy is a wonderful teacher. LC keeps telling her "I love you...thank you, Amy". For printing by hand, we used pre-cut red felt, LC's felt was 14" x 18" and mine was about 9" x 18", as the background for the black or white (if mixed, gray) paint circles. We were given various sizes of plastic cups...and we dipped each cup into a plate of paint...then pressed the cups onto the felt. LC created this by herself:

This is mine:

Here they are hanging up at home today...I put them below the framed, "blue fish" artwork that LC created at home, with paint pens, when she was 22 months old.

Another fun project with felt was in Amy's sculpture class. We were given many black & purple strips of felt...rectangles and triangles...as well as glue & brushes. The kids could do whatever they wanted to do with it, choosing the shapes and position...to make their own hanging sculpture design. LC told me immediately "I want make ladder"...and the only thing I helped her with...was telling her where she should brush the glue (e.g. each end of the ladder rung, rather than the middle of it) and helping her put down the pieces exactly where she pointed...before she could press down on it (just so glued areas would be touching some fabric). LC had it layered the way she liked and she decided the placement of the hole punch.

Here it is hanging up...it's nice to have the sculptures hanging up in our living room and dining room...LC will pass by the art and say proudly "I made that in art class!" She is delighted when I hang up her work...the art she makes at home or in class....and she tells me "put on computer" and show this person or that person.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 as is...and 5 tweaked for effect

Here are ALL the photos LC took this evening, at home, on her Kidizoom camera. The first 5 photos were untouched by me, no digital manipulation. I like this one in particular, the doll face down under the chair...kinda sad mood, but with a bright pop of flash off the chair leg.

Top of the dining room window curtain.

My hand on the mouse, egg shaker, crayon, laptop, Sesame Street card. (I did CROP this one, last second before posting.)

Not sure what this is....but I like the colors and shapes. Probably a piece of paper and her little Sesame Street backpack on the dining room table.

Papers on the dining room table and the mouse cord.

Now for the images that I did manipulate digitally...the 5 below. First, I took 3 of LC's photos of my mouse cord...and I thought these looked cooler devoid of color and with the contrast bumped up a few notches.

Then I had some fun with 2 pictures she took of mommy. I adjusted the hue & the saturation of color in the pictures, in an extreme way...cropped them...played with contrast. Gave them a different vibe.

(I was holding my hands up to show her that if she wanted a picture of my face, like she said she did...then LC needed to hold the camera higher up and click...she thought this was funny.)

dandelion + red orange + yellow orange Crayola

The interesting thing about LC's newfound love of coloring books...is that she will either cover every single bit of white space with crayon (in this case, she's loving the dandelion + yellow orange + red orange combo of Crayola, which she picked out of 64 colors in a box):
OR...she will pick like one or two items on the page and just color those items...telling me it is now a finished page and she must start on a new page. Like in this Hello Kitty coloring book.
Incidentally, I got that coloring book at a discount store nearby (a drugstore employee mentioned it would be the nearest place to find coloring books)...and wow, it was a treasure-filled store...the kind of treasure LC appreciates. Coloring books, balls and stickers galore. Most under $2. The variety of stickers I was able to get...that stick super great on paper...without breaking the bank...I couldn't believe...LC was anxious to get home fast, so she could sit at the dining room table and stick, stick, stick. We're talking dinosaurs, cars, fairies, fruits, animals and alphabet letters. I helped LC spell her name with stickers, she liked that. Then, I asked her "how do you spell your name?" and she went back to the paper and read the letters out loud. She definitely has the first letter of her name down...because recently we saw a local bus pass us by with the word "Limited" on it...and LC said "why did they name that bus with MY name?"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

close-up of a mixed-up princess

LC took a close-up photo of The Very Mixed-Up Princess mix & match outfit book.

Friday, May 20, 2011

happy, sad, cranky, scared

Facial expressions fascinate LC...so she was happy when I gifted her with a 2 minute pencil drawing I made...I copied the simple cover of The Feelings Book.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inside LC's pretend play world - water, flowers

Overheard from the dining room...as LC was in her pretend play world in the living room...doing the voices of various characters (using a deck of Sesame Street playing cards):

"I want more water. More water!"
"Patience baby...you'll have more water."
"I drink it. Yummy, yummy, yummy delicious."

"Wait wait wait, you not flower yet...you need something makes you like a flower...that one and this one make you a flower..."

LC the songwriter, sings about Baby Bugs

LC is now learning a new song every week, it seems. Or snippets of songs. She has a good memory and loves singing and playing her keyboard and drums every day. But what amazes me more...is that for weeks now, she is making up her own little songs, too, lyrics and music. I wish I recorded this one...but I didn't want to interrupt her. I was at the dining room table, on the laptop...and she was in another room...and I jotted down the words that she sang:

"flowers and bushes...trees and flowers both need rain...plants need rain, flowers need rain, bushes need rain, trees need rain...everything needs rain....you jump like a frog!!! Lloyd sing Baby Bugs! Ribbet... I got a plant home....hmmm...hmmm....."

Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Ant Crawling in the Dirt

LC described this crayon drawing as "an ant crawling in the dirt". It's great that she is using articles (a, an, the) and prepositions (in, on, above, below etc.) more often when she speaks. She is also stating some pronouns, like "him" and "her"...though she usually means "he/she" or "his/hers". LC just turned three years old recently, so it's exciting to hear more than two or three words when she communicates. I try to record some of her cutest sentence fragments.

Can you spot the tiny black ant?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pirate Ship Car

NOTE: I don't name LC's drawings/paintings...SHE is the one who tells me, in just a few words, what she created...and then I post that as the title of her artwork. And she hasn't had an art class where she paints/draws in quite a long time...so most of what you see on the blog was created at home...unless I specifically mention something was created in a class or workshop...as LC currently is enrolled in a sculpture class.

Today she drew Mama Face:

3 days ago, she drew Mommy Cutting Hair:

LC drew Baby So Cranky:

In sculpture class, the teacher gave out glue with a mini brush, toothpicks and pre-cut corrugated cardboard to each child. LC had a blast peeling the cardboard and then stacking the pieces together with toothpicks (yes, I assisted LC in gluing it, so it wouldn't fall apart).

LC calls her sculpture Pirate Ship Car:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Working through her fear of bugs...LC's crayon drawing, made at home...Ant:

Monday, May 9, 2011

LC's photo shoot of her wildflower plant

LC decided to shoot some photos of her new wildflower plant:

Wikki Stix flower and Mr. Tickle

I used some leftover Wikki Stix, from LC's birthday party, to make a flower. Then, I stuck it to the wall. LC was fascinated.

LC likes the book Mr. Grumpy...and in that little book is a character called Mr. Tickle. LC drew Mr. Tickle, with crayons...then she took a photograph of her own drawing:

Then, she asked me to draw Mr. Tickle for her, she likes him a lot: