Thursday, April 14, 2011

Potato Needs a Bath

Awesome live performance for 2-5 year olds. Potato Needs a Bath at 42nd Street, Manhattan. Sadly, they had a "no electronics" rule that they were I couldn't take any pictures during the show...but trust me, LC enjoyed herself tremendously during this one-woman, 30 minute show. (Sometimes LC laughed SO hard, other parents were staring at us ;-)...a wonderful birthday bash for a potato...with various fruits & veggies attending. Sounds crazy, but even the adults were into it...Shona Reppe (pics of her below, post-show, handing out a goody bag to each child) made it believable and just so much fun. I had only a few seconds to take a couple of pics..and the only reason LC isn't smiling below is because she wanted to tear into the goody bag ASAP and decorate her party hat with the glittery fruit & veggie stickers.