Monday, April 11, 2011

LC's FIRST photographs!

LC now shoots photos, all by herself!! 3 years old! Using the vtech Kidizoom camera that I bought for her birthday. She shot her first set of photos today - 65 pics...I looked at them on the camera and deleted pics that were way too blurry...and I downloaded 21 to the computer. I selected the best 13...and no, I did not manipulate ANY of her photos digitally. (There is a flash on the unit, but she sometimes accidentally turns it off...and also, there is quite a lot of motion since the camera isn't always held steady)...but let me tell you, she is having a ball with it...and she is very proud...and I love the images just the way they are...nice colors, kinda to see things through her eyes, too...what she likes to shoot & the angles etc. Yes, she did surprise me (as you can see from my expression in the set below), the tables are she hunts down mommy for a photo!