Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Beginning of April, Music & Art

We started the 2 month sculpture class. 6 children max (hard to find in NYC...most classes are 9-18 kids). Great artist teacher/owner (perfect amount of guidance, a mom of 2 kids with lots of imagination & enthusiasm)...cozy classroom...right age group (2-4 years old, not younger)...the child creates her own piece of art each week and the parent/nanny creates her own. Teacher hangs up each child's work, so people can see it for a week, before we take it home...but here's MY 1st sculpture:
(Materials given to us: many pre-cut charcoal gray, foam pipe insulation pieces, various sizes... & 3 colors and various sizes of pipe cleaners, that we could bend and position as we wished.) I wasn't able to bring LC's first sculpture home yet, I'll take a picture of it next week (but FYI, LC chose to use only 1 medium-sized base of foam & a few white pipe cleaners to create it).

Also, we attended another kids performance by The Deedle Deedle Dees...and various school children were brought up on stage...this show celebrated National Poetry Month.