Saturday, April 2, 2011

2011, March - 2nd Half

2011, March...2nd half of the month. LC finished up her winter music class:
LC always found the same 2 scarves she loved to dance with, out of like 50 completely different scarves the teacher dumped onto a mat each week...these 2 have lots of brown and one black, with a subtle flower design...

We made a birthday card for my aunt MG, LC's grandaunt, and we visited aunt MG (and 2 of her sons) to wish her a Happy Birthday. I cut portions of LC's crayon drawings that day and glued them onto the purple construction paper that LC selected:

When we came home...LC used her imagination to make a "birthday cake for auntie" out of legos. This was the first time legos did not represent "towers" or "castles" to LC.

Give her a box of 64 Crayola crayons...and LC can sort them by color...putting all the shades of each color she did below with the browns (I used to do that, too. I loved the slight, or great, variations in color...I loved to compare color, mix colors...):

You know what I noticed...the way LC draws faces right now...the very primitive hollow eyes, kinda reminds me of Tim Burton's illustrations, ha. Below pic...LC said she drew a "happy face! Eyes, nose, mouth, hair!" Inevitably, the faces will get more realistic and not as freaky, as LC gets older...but I think she should hold onto this winning style!

Whenever LC asks me to draw a quick picture, of course I say yes. Here are a couple of simple drawings that I drew in a couple of minutes for her...she is always delighted to see the images, upon request.

We had such a fun time at the Central Park Zoo...the Tisch Children's, a couple of days later, I decided to a) test her memory (since it had been 2 days, but she is very good with I am) and b) get her in the habit of telling I asked LC the open-ended question "What did you see at the zoo?" and she responded (and I jotted down what she said, as seen in the below pic, so that LC understands that her words are important)...she said, accurately, "Goats...ducks...bears...alpacas. Mom came see hi to you. See goats...feed the goats...pretend be a turtle...pretend like a bunny."