Friday, April 1, 2011

2011, March - 1st Half

The first half of March 2011: LC wanted to write "words"...she said "write names...D, mama, D, mama..." etc.:

LC was introduced for the first time to Barbie. LC said "Hello, Barbie". I found the doll in one of my storage boxes in the guest room. It was actually for a photo project when I was attending School of Visual Arts, Spring 2002...part of my doll series. I found dolls in gutters, flea markets and 99 cent stores and the photos were then shot at home. I kept only one doll...this blonde Barbie...I loved the full hair...I bought it for $5 or less, at a Brooklyn flea market.
This was the photo...a blurry pic of the lovely Barbie...I wrapped her in a U.S. flag.

Up to this point, LC was not very interested in coloring books. But then, she started filling in objects that she drew on paper...and when I gave her the below page to color, she got into it.

LC said "I want to put away crayons in box myself!!!":
The little artist takes a snack break after another giant crayon drawing.

LC was very pleased with herself...for this "dance move", while the classical music CD played in the background, winding down for bedtime.
LC absolutely loves to draw happy and sad faces and wants to learn to draw other facial expressions...sometimes she adds in eyebrows, like the below:

And sometimes, she adds in a on the happy face: