Friday, April 29, 2011

3 Song Medley

Proud of LC...she woke me up yesterday by singing her entire repertoire back-to-back, for the first time, in a three-song medley..."Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Rock-A-Bye Baby" & the "ABCs". And then she did a happy dance, sorta like Snoopy's celebratory happy dance. I think she should perform at my wedding, not just throw petals on the ground.

Here she is wearing her first pair of sunglasses...she was begging me to get her a pair, so she could wear sunglasses outside like mommy does...LC has a pretty lavender sunhat that I bought her last year, which keeps the sun out of her eyes (and protects her neck & face)...but she looks adorable in these "starlet sunglasses".

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good Night, by LC

Her sugar-coated voice makes it sound even cuter...but here's a bit of the original "play" LC created...with a stack of Sesame Street cards serving as the characters, while she was pretend playing earlier this week.

"Good night everybody, get some good rest."

"I can't get some rest, I am busy."

"Good night, everybody...get some very good, rest, rest...I put this one there on pillow."

"Who is it knocking?"

"I not so sleepy."

"That's Oscar the grouchy."

"Everybody not saying good night....not so wakey...wakey wakey."

"Good morning!"

Monday, April 25, 2011

LC's indoor Easter photos

shutter-happy LC clicks away on Easter at grandma's home (1st 2 pics below) and then back at our place (she squeals with delight when I download the pics to the computer and LC gets to view them on the laptop..."baby took mama's picture! took elephant picture! baby took kitchen picture!", "baby took picture big bird!", "baby took picture mama foot" etc.):

Friday, April 22, 2011

bring me books to read

Be careful if you ask LC to "bring me books to read" before more specific...e.g. "please bring 3 books to read". Or else, this is what you end up with...a giant pile she creates...and you feel obligated to read them all, no matter how tired you are. Though LC does a great job reading letters and asking what the letters spell, pointing out things in the pictures...and telling me portions of the stories she remembers. Fun.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

LC still having a blast with the new digital camera

LC loves her digital camera. She's asking me already when she will get one that "takes movies". Here's a recent set...
This is a picture LC took of her crayon drawing of a "snake".

Outside...she loves finding all sorts of things on the sidewalk...she loves shadows...she loves gates, signs, buildings, nature, people...

back home...LC became fascinated with the area rug in the dining room:

Friday, April 15, 2011

LC takes 1st photos outdoors

We took a stroll to the store...and it's a very cloudy day...but no LC took her first photographs outdoors. She enjoyed herself very much. When we got back home, we ran inside to grab my camera just so I could take the below 3 pics of LC holding her camera on the porch, because she looks so cute taking pics!
Here are the photos LC took outside today:

circles and ovals....crayons go round and round

Yesterday evening, LC asked for the big crayons and large white paper...and drew circles and ovals, while sitting on the hardwood floor, for quite a while...and then LC said "pictures for mommy to keep!" My 3 favorites shown below:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Potato Needs a Bath

Awesome live performance for 2-5 year olds. Potato Needs a Bath at 42nd Street, Manhattan. Sadly, they had a "no electronics" rule that they were I couldn't take any pictures during the show...but trust me, LC enjoyed herself tremendously during this one-woman, 30 minute show. (Sometimes LC laughed SO hard, other parents were staring at us ;-)...a wonderful birthday bash for a potato...with various fruits & veggies attending. Sounds crazy, but even the adults were into it...Shona Reppe (pics of her below, post-show, handing out a goody bag to each child) made it believable and just so much fun. I had only a few seconds to take a couple of pics..and the only reason LC isn't smiling below is because she wanted to tear into the goody bag ASAP and decorate her party hat with the glittery fruit & veggie stickers.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

sculpture art class - 1st time using wood and felt

We had an awesome time in the 2nd sculpture art class, on a very rainy day. LC enjoyed the bus ride, as usual...then she worked with wood and felt cloth (separately) for the first time. Using her imagination, LC told the teacher that she was making a boat out of the felt and she decorated the boat with various pre-cut pieces of colorful cloth...

The teacher collects various shapes & sizes of leftover wood pieces from a carpenter. The children loved exploring, rolling and stacking the wood. The teacher tried to teach the preschoolers about balancing objects on top of each other, as well as leaning pieces against other pieces...and putting some inside of others etc. It was a nice small class today, only 5 kids, so the teacher interacted one-on-one quite a few times, with each student. The only assistance I provided to LC was helping her with the sequence (e.g. you should decide what you are going to stack first...then put the glue on the brush and brush the area of the object that you need to stick to another piece and then hold your hand down on the top piece, counting to 10, so it sticks better, then select the next piece etc.)

The teacher will hang up the 2 wood sculptures LC made, at the front window of the school, so folks passing by on the street can view this class's work for a week, then we will take hers home. LC was pleased to bring home last week's work...made of foam pipe insulation and pipe cleaners and she looks forward to the next class, which will be after spring break.