Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome to our creative play space!

To begin, the background on this blog currently is simply a handprint of LC's (made with Crayola washable Kids' Paint) that I encouraged her to create mid-Dec 2009. It took me 5 min to manipulate the image digitally tonight in Photoshop, by changing the color of it and composing it into blocks that would tile easily.

I thought having an online creative play space would be fun. I bonded with my daughter LC in so many ways (she is my one and only child, she is almost 3 years old)...not the least of which is our great love of creating, with our hands and minds. Having a blog play space to post our creations...would be a way to celebrate our ideas, even if the material is not very polished. This is not a portfolio of nearly perfect work, this is play. Art=play for LC and me. You can be sure that we enjoyed every moment of the exploration, whether we expressed ourselves with words, photos, drawings, paintings, sculpture, crochet/knitting, music etc. I'll post some of her work (can be sorted by LC label) and some of mine (can be sorted by PK label), noting the dates of creation. And as LC says..."it's a beautiful day", so let's share some beauty.