Friday, March 25, 2011

Tap Dancing Chicken, 12/1/10

Let's end the 2010 posts with frame grabs from a personal movie clip...LC at the Children's Museum of the Arts. They had a bunch of costumes the kids could put on and play dress-up. Once LC put on the chicken costume, she was inspired. She yelled "tap dancing chicken!!!!" and ran into another room and proceeded to entertain the staff of CMA, doing a wonderful job pretending. The room was filled with such joy.

They were kind enough to then show LC the pine cones that were being decorated.

And give her a sheet of paper and colored pencil, so she could "draw pine cone!"

This was all after LC making her first bead bracelet...jumping on giant balls in their ball pond...and being invited by a staff member to have a one-on-one hands-on lesson on stop motion animation. And that is just a fraction of what she did that day, for a low admissions fee. Awesome place, I would have loved to visit when I was a child, but they weren't founded until 1988. They have always been in the SOHO neighborhood of Manhattan, but Fall 2011...they are going to move to a much bigger space and I think it's in the South Village (so I have to find a new subway/walking route to get there, without getting lost ;-).
Thanks for reading...enjoy your weekend.