Friday, March 4, 2011

LC's Creative Firsts

The Firsts for LC (if memory serves):

@ 3 months old: her first museum visit.
I brought LC to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). We saw a wonderful Frida Kahlo exhibit together...the bright colors of the paintings totally captured LC's attention and she was a wonderful little museum visitor (and she has visited many museums since then, in NYC, with me...always focused, taking it all in, making observations...and enjoying our time together).

@ 15 months old, Summer 2009, when she was toddling around the home quite well and saying her first words ("hello", "happy", "mama" etc.)...LC drew her first crayon drawing!

also @ 15 months old, she attended her first music & dance class, I believe it was a 10 week class. She had other music classes since then...but we also attend pre-schooler sing-a-longs, whenever possible, led by great musical talent. We will attend an educational rock band performance on 3/12/11. The Deedle Deedle Dees 1 hour Family Variety Show at the Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They are celebrating Women's History Month. LC goes to sleep every night by listening to soothing classical music, she insists upon it. At home, she plays her drums, keyboard, egg shakers & sings on a daily basis.

@ 21 months old, I took her to her first art workshop.
LC looked like she had just awakened from a dream...she couldn't believe kids & their parents got together in a room, with a nice teacher, to create art with a ton of wonderful supplies and all she has to do is ask for it and say please...and since then, it has been a daily request of hers that we do art at home (pretty much equal amount of time creating art, being read to, she loves her books, building with legos, playing outside, making music, playing with puzzles and...pretend play with dolls & strollers, cars, planes, trains & rocketships). She has intense focus and likes to finish projects.

@ 22 months old, I taught her how to use a glue stick, stickers (loves, loves, loves them to this day!), and tissue paper to make crafts and greeting cards.

@ 26 months old, she attended her first art class, I believe it was a 10 week class.

@ 2 1/2 years of age: Since she was about 2 1/2 years old...she identified & recited the A,B,Cs and 1,2,3s... counted and "read" each letter out loud from her books every day. She is almost 3 now and wants me to teach her how to read words. I am waiting another half year, though, to begin following specific lesson plans that I chose. I began reading to LC when she was an infant...a newborn...and she brought books to me, to read to her, since she could crawl (at about 8 months of age). I love the stories she tells me now...the way she expresses herself and has a nice imagination. I can't wait for her to begin to write stories, it will be exciting.


We attend workshops or classes whenever I can afford it, but I teach her as much as I can myself. Staff at some children's museums also do a great job teaching LC something new each visit (in 2010: stop-motion animation, making bead bracelets, finger puppets, collage, decorating pine cones, beginning to use blunt scissors). What I love most is that she draws and then tells me what she has drawn (fish, people, birds, dogs, cats, dinosaurs etc.)

Friends and family view videos of our adventures. The many, many places we go, the wonderful people we socialize with...the fun things we do...we lead very full, balanced, happy, peaceful lives. I am grateful. This public blog isn't about our private life,'s just a great place to document what happens in the "creative space" that LC and I share. I'm hoping to teach LC what gives me great, illustration, reading, writing and using computers. Also, the basics of playing piano. Hmmm... paddleball and handball always gave me great joy, I won countless games when I was young, but I don't know if my back can hold up another decade, so I can teach LC to play when she is a teenager! But at least we walk a lot in NYC, as well as hopping on the subway and buses, and run around in the playgrounds...we don't watch TV...we share an active lifestyle.