Friday, March 4, 2011

Flashback to 2009

I suppose it's best to start at the beginning of the art experience for LC...and work my way to the present day, the rest of this month. I'll throw in some of MY OWN 2009 & 2010 creations, that gave LC great I flashback in these posts.

This post will cover ALL the creative photos I could dig up for 2009 (rest were video).

When she was smaller, she enjoyed being able to sit on the jumbo floor pad and draw with crayons... here's a pic taken on 12/29/09:

and her handprints, 12/15/09:

loves the Crayola jumbo washable markers, really gets into it!...12/05/09 (19 months old):

12/4/09...her first exposure to pencils....jumbo, triangular colored pencils...

It gave LC great pleasure when I took some Crayola Model Magic, which is a soft modeling create some ocean creature sculptures for her...she loves visiting the NY Aquarium...and she was pleased to see this made for happy. I added her little mermaid doll to the box. (In 2010, I took that doll and with a snip and some sewing...I made a fairy wand out of it, for her Halloween costume).

It gave me great joy to make this on 10/25/09:

And here's a picture of LC attending her first music class 07/08/09:

LC started with full palm grasp crayons, which were hard to use, then months later she used Crayola washable jumbo markers, which are still super great (and wash off of skin and clothing easily!) and toddler jumbo triangular crayons, with no paper wrappers on them...our favorite ones being the Melissa & Doug brand, so awesome...LC still presses too hard and easily breaks Crayola crayons (and peels all the paper off ). LC really enjoys using brushes with paints, rather than using her fingers. She isn't very much into clay and play-doh yet. She made her first hanging mobile at the end of January and painted a mural with many kids. I'm thinking of bringing her to a sculpture class that I'd love to take in the spring, so we can explore space and movement. I would have to say the most awesome art experience, though, was when we attended a workshop a few months ago...and we painted with watercolors & brushes on a giant sheet of paper on the floor, everyone working together, and a musician was there in the room playing a cello! I wish someone was playing the cello in my home right now!