Saturday, March 5, 2011

a few cell pics from fill in the creative gap

I got my snapshot digital camera summer 2009...a few months after I returned to NYC. Many photos in '09 were captured on a low quality cell phone camera. But I will share a few of them in this post anyway, just to fill in the blanks.

Below is a cell pic of 11 month old LC loving her soft cloth book, Kushies Zolo Ozlo Dog (cool teether toys attached & barking sound), cab ride from the airport...early morning, 4/8/09. LC sitting comfortably in her Britax Marathon car seat, facing backwards, taking in her first view of our first cab ride together...after her first plane trip.

4/10/09, LC, 11 months old, happily enjoying a couple of the very small board books, from the carry-ons...we were settling into our new place and I still had to unpack many shipped boxes. Cinderella...

and Open the Barn Door...

04/22/09, making music on electronic piano, Chicco Music 'N Play table. LC is 1 year old.

12/31/09...20 months old...she is fascinated with the egg on a the light of the moon...a giant-size edition of the board book...The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

I found this with the cell pics...though it's not from 2009, I'll still post it...this was created by me on September 29, 2008. I was in California and LC was an infant, almost a half year old...we left the house around 8am, with LC in a stroller, and it was a peaceful walk down the quiet streets. I was moved to collect beautiful leaves that had changed color and some flowers...and place them in the cup holder of the stroller...LC was thrilled...she was enjoying this very much. (I always liked the concept of making art with "found objects", items found in the street or at flea markets etc....but collecting some of the beauty of nature that day, and arranging it in photo album pages to give as gifts, was a new idea...and LC enjoyed watching me make a gift from the heart, rather than purchased from a store. To this day, every now and then...we sit down together and make unique gifts or cards for people.)