Sunday, March 27, 2011

2011, January

So, about a month later...we revisited the Children's Museum of the Arts, with LC's friend V and her mom K again. Another awesome day. LC enjoyed watercolor painting:

Drawing with chalk, on the chalkboard table:

Playing in the ball pond:

And learning from a staff member:

The CMA staff member encouraged LC to explore a pair of super blunt scissors, for the first time, and LC used the blades to shred some paper strips.

LC loved finding this mirror at CMA, when she sat down to draw with colored pencils...the mirror was there to encourage children to draw self-portraits.

I continued to learn how to crochet.

And some of the work was successful (blue crochet circles that kinda resemble flowers) and some of it was not (my first attempt at a scarf, which ended up rather uneven):

LC was very happy to be signed up for a winter music class with Jen. Here's LC right before the 1st class started. (Our last class will be this coming week.)

Here's LC at home, a play date with her friend V, they were pretending to be a rock band.

and the girls both love "reading" picture books.

LC's crayon drawings at home were getting more interesting...with her beginning to fill in shapes with color, not just make lines & curves on a page.

I found this wonderful indoor play space in Greenpoint, which was so essential during this winter in NYC...since there were so many incredible snowfalls. Here's LC playing pretend with their kitchen set:

and enjoying their music room:

I also found a one day art workshop at the family center nearby...and LC's friend V & her mom K joined us. The kids enjoyed painting on a wall mural (teacher rolled out a large sheet of paper and taped it to the wall and made sure each child had a chance to work with each paint color):

Teacher also gave them watercolor paper, cut into little squares, and the kids drew on the paper with water-soluble oil pastels and then brushed on some water. Cool effect. Then, the parents attached the paper with colorful strings. Here's LC's work drying at the family center:

and here it is (still) hanging up in our dining room. Every single day, LC sees it and proudly says "I made that in art class!"