Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011, February - Mama

LC said "BEAUTIFUL PICTURES, MOMMY!!!!!" She loves watching me draw, her eyes light up.... I'm very much out of practice, though. So, I took two well-known children's book writers/illustrators... and put their books in front of me...and tried to draw a bit like them for 15 minutes (though it's hard to take on someone else's style and these illustrators have won awards and published a gazillion books...so, I am not in their league)...but it was super fun and LC enjoyed watching the familiar pictures materialize on the blank sheets of paper in front of me. This one is a scene with Max being naughty...from the 1963 children's picture book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak: This one is a combination of a few pics from Sandra Boynton's board book Are You a Cow?:
I sat down with LC and I told her I want to create a little world for our own children's book...with a character I drew on people's greeting cards since high school. She was thrilled! She sat down next to me, at the dining room table, and made suggestions about colors, facial expressions, actions etc. It was so much fun to start on this process together.

When I was looking at old pictures of my childhood...I came across two pictures that reminded me of moments that were special and filled me with so much pride in elementary school. Here's a large cartoon I drew that was well-received and hung up in a very visible location at the school I attended in Hell's Kitchen:
And here I am hanging upside down on the monkey bars...in Central Park, after leaving a museum. I was honored to be one of a select group of children chosen to paint a mural for the The Electric Company Magazine. That was a magazine published from 1972-1987 for The Children's Television Workshop (in 2000, the company changed its name to Sesame Workshop) TV series "The Electric Company". They had us all dressed the same and we posed for a picture in front of our giant, painted mural of superheroes, for the magazine.
There were other moments that filled me with great pride in elementary school, and of all those moments surely this achievement should have been captured in a photograph. I won a prize in a national photography contest...I was in 4th or 5th or 6th grade...and one of my teachers liked a photo I showed her and she submitted it on my behalf for a school contest. I had asked a group of friends to jump up in the air at the same time in the schoolyard, quite a lot of boys and girls...and I captured a very cool moment (way back then, obviously, it was not a digital camera...so I didn't think the picture came out well until it was developed weeks later and printed.) Sadly, I didn't save the negatives and the photograph was lost on its way back from Washington D.C. LC certainly loves to be involved in creative projects...and on her 3rd birthday, she will be getting her first camera (a low-quality, preschooler camera that can be dropped many times on the ground and survive)...I will post some of her blurry photos on this blog. She is very excited to "take pictures toys, bugs, bandaids". And LC is super excited to balance out her days with a team athletic activity this spring season...her first sport...soccer!!! I showed her the below picture of ME when I was learning to play the game and LC said immediately "you playing soccer!"