Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011, February - LC

February, I replaced the drawing on the fridge with LC's new, expressive crayon drawing: And she continued to ask for many sheets of paper every day and sat down and drew.
She also was focused on drawing faces (she can only draw "happy" and "sad", right now, so I should find a book about emotions or facial expressions with simplified drawings...she asks me to draw others for her on paper, like "surprised", "scared", "mad", "laughing", "shy", "excited" etc.) and she draws specific body parts (eyes, nose, mouth, chin, belly button etc.) pointing out the areas on the picture afterwards and tries to be more detailed, like this picture of a man.
After she drew this picture, she said "I made a baby" and pointed out the "eyes", "nose", "mouth", "hair", "cheeks" etc.:
And she took one of the boxes I was going to flatten for recycling and decided to make a pretend "house" out of it. You know how they say the best toys aren't bought at the store.
February, I decided to test LC's patience, since she was 34 months old...and begin bringing her to live performances. Seeing "Sesame Street Live: Elmo's Green Thumb" at Madison Square Garden was a magical day for LC. She hasn't stopped talking about it, still! She found a new love for Big Bird, who was near us most of the time during the performance and she chose a Big Bird doll for me to buy for her, to remember this event. She shook the hands of many of the performers, including Grover, Bert and Zoe...and she later asked for an Elmo-themed birthday party, which I am in the midst of planning now.
February, we also visited Puppetworks in Brooklyn...and we saw a beautiful performance of Alice in Wonderland, with handmade wood marionettes on strings. Awesome, LC loved it and so did I.
Afterwards, I took LC to a local spot, called Two Boots, that makes "happy face" pizza for kids. That small, creative touch made this the most fascinating pizza for LC, she even dropped the crayon on the table in the below pic (she was coloring before it arrived)...and she is not a big pizza eater (and chooses not to eat french fries, most of the time...& never drinks soda or juice, preferring healthier foods), but she finished one whole slice of this pizza, with her cup of water.
In February, LC had a play date at our home...and her friend V & her mom K came over...and K brought a wonderful book to read to the girls, Is Your Mama a Llama?
Then, K helped LC with an art activity related to the reading...matching up mama & baby animal pictures and gluing the pics to construction paper.

LC loves glue sticks.

The girls snacked on Earth's Best organic alphabet letter oatmeal cinnamon cookies, they both love singing (& locating) the letters of the alphabet.