Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2010, November

November 2010. LC is 2 1/2 years old.

Here she is at home, in the kitchen, drawing with thin markers on construction paper:

She pointed to the paper and said "gray bear climb orange tree":

Still a good team when making greeting cards...LC chooses the stickers & places them on the sheet and then I add the text. For this card, I also crocheted a circle (I was teaching myself crochet that month)...and made it look like a flower...and I used a large plastic needle & light blue yarn to sew it into place, on the paper.

Then, after LC fell asleep...I decided to also include a homemade bookmark. I took drawings of LC's that looked like fish...and snipped & glued them onto a rectangular card stock...and I took the glittery mermaid tail fabric (from an old doll... that was leftover after I made the Halloween wand for LC) and cut out an alphabet letter and some shapes to glue onto the paper...and then I strung some beads and a transparent flower on top.

From an Alex craft kit "My Giant Busy Box"...LC took dog and pig body punchouts and stuck them into model dough, on the dining room table. Certainly kept her busy ;-)

Ahhhh...a milestone that every child remembers. ha. LC got her own library card!! I was so super happy that day...like this was a magical moment...and she certainly felt that way once she understood that she could take out any book or children's movie she liked.

"Mommy look...puppets!!!" Prepared food container sleeves.

Even when my little angel has a bad cold...she keeps drawing! Nothing can stop her. She came up to me with this picture and said "rocketship!!!!!!" Good job, LC. She loves playing with her space toys...the Iplay rocket, astronauts, aliens and flying saucer. (Can't wait for her to be a bit older so we can enjoy the Hayden Planetarium).

In October 2010, we visited the Children's Museum of Manhattan with LC's good friend V and her mom K...and there was a wonderful Wizard of Oz exhibit...the toddlers very much enjoyed playing pretend. (They also liked pretending to be firemen on a truck & feeding alphabet letters to a dragon..and doing some creative stuff...on another level of the wonderful museum.)