Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2010, May - LC

May 2010... 25 months old...LC ditched her diapers, day and night. No pull-ups. We had to spend a lot of time at home the first couple of weeks of potty-training. It was a full-time job to keep LC entertained. Thankfully, she enjoyed drawing for long periods of time, with her crayons.

She liked making dots, ovals, circles. She told me she was drawing "eyes, nose, fish".

Her potty-training rewards were mainly stickers. Every time LC told me she had to go potty...and we made it in time...she got a sticker or two. I let her put them up on the it would be a very visible representation of her successful attempts (then when we finished potty-training, a month or two later, she helped me take the stckers off the walls...and from then on, she only put stickers on paper again).