Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2010, June - LC

June 2010, 26 months old.

LC loved the large toddler brushes I found for her. She was always very focused, when creating anything. In this picture, 6/13/10, she is at home...painting with the brushes, using both hands. I believe it's Crayola Washable Kids Paint.

Serious book love. I could hardly keep up with her requests to read to her. She would cry if I didn't read a book that she brought to me. (Today, I read 12 books to her, for example, and she read all the letters & numbers out loud that she could find in the intro screens, before watching a Sesame Street DVD). Pic, 6/8/10:

Tower mania. LC could easily spend 1 hour a day building towers with her Lego Duplo set.

I took LC to a 10 week toddler art Hootenanny Art House in Park Slope. Her teacher, Juliana, was impressed with LC's focus and attention span...LC's ability to easily sit at the table for 45 minutes straight working on an art project. All the pictures below are from that class. Below pic, 6/22/10, oil pastels.

Here she is working on her first collage, 6/15/10...oil pastels, paint, paper (pre-cut, by Juliana), glue in a paper cup.

When it was hung up in class, I like that paint drips formed and dried. On our wall:

6/22/10, Juliana pre-cut the paper into large owl shapes....and then gave the kids paint, glitter, glue, feathers. The teacher added the eyes and nose, when they were finished. It was very hard to convince LC to stop working on this when it was time to leave the class, she was really into it.

The final product.