Thursday, March 24, 2011

2010, December

At home, LC drew a person, for the first time...with face, body, hands and feet.

It's still hanging up on the fridge. She was very proud.

I managed to teach myself quickly how to crochet granny squares (it was a great activity at night, to relax)...and then sew them together to make a hat for LC. She loved it.

LC & I made a construction paper hat...I glued on the fringe she selected and a feather...after she drew on the paper with markers... (below pic, LC using paint pens, in the kitchen):

LC liked wearing the hat whenever she sat down to draw, at home. Below pic at our dining room table, drawing with jumbo triangular Melissa & Doug crayons.

At home, rocking it out with her keyboard...singing on the microphone and playing music.

Also, loves her chalkboard/dry erase marker, magnetic easel...

Still loving the legos.

We attended a class for a few weeks that was divided into various activities, to help toddlers make quick transitions in a structured class environment (dance, art, story telling, toy playtime, snack time, bubble time etc.) and follow directions given by a teacher & her assistant...LC did rather well, almost immediately. One day, it ended up being just LC and the teacher & assistant, no other kids...(due to cold/flu season)...and they let LC spend more time doing art, than usual...and I was waiting outside in the hallway...and when they asked me to come inside, they showed me her 3 paintings and said they were very impressed that at her age, she very clearly told them the concepts she had in mind when she painted the pictures. And she corrected them if they repeated the wrong words to her, like "peas", giving it a bit of context.

This is "PEACE":

This is "A MONSTER":

This is "APPLE":

One of the nicest places in NYC to bring children who love to create...the Children's Museum of the Arts, in SOHO. Can easily spend hours there doing a wide variety of activities, all perfectly suited for the young ones. Just 3 examples...