Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2010, April - LC

April 2010, when LC turned 2 years old...she helped me make the party invitations and, after the party, the thank you cards. She very much enjoyed the process and understood the purpose of the cards. Below is a picture of LC's drawings on 4 thank you cards.

Here's a pic of the party invitations...purple is LC's favorite color (still), so she chose the purple construction paper...I wrote up some text with a marker...and glued portions of her crayon drawings onto each sheet.

LC placed stickers on the front of the party invitations. (I gave her a large sheet of Melissa & Doug stickers that were appropriate for our bugs, birds & nature party theme.)

One of the gifts she received on her birthday...was Fisher Price's Splatster. A game that connects to the TV and allows one to point a wireless brush controller to the screen and choose colors to drop onto a spinning disc and then make it all go splat, to look like abstract art. A mess-free way to express some creativity. I like the picture below because LC realized that she could control her facial muscles and make funny faces...pouty faces etc. She began looking at herself in the mirror a lot (as she is doing below in the living room)...and she was becoming very expressive with her facial expressions...and she was fascinated with identifying other people's emotions, at a glance.

LC is sitting at our long dining room table...which still had the butterfly tablecloth on it, from the party...and she is beginning to draw on the thank you cards. I gave her the large, triangular colored pencils...and then some crayons. LC likes any excuse to draw (or paint or use stickers or build things)...I always try to think of anything that would help her practice her fine motor skills. (Tangent alert: Since she has a habit of tearing up pieces of paper...yesterday I found a productive use for that habit...I decided rather than chopping up some swiss chard, and risking cutting my thumb again, I gave her the swiss chard and showed her the size I needed...and she very meticulously tore up all the chard into perfect 1 inch size chunks!!)

I did make a decent attempt at pressing flowers....Dead of winter and there were no flowers in our garden...so, I bought a bouquet from a flower shop and LC selected the flowers I used...I took an Alex wooden flower press kit & pressed the flowers...quite a few days it takes for the flower to dry & be pressed flat...and then I brushed crafts glue on the dried flowers and glued them to her 2nd birthday thank you cards...for the guests who were kind enough to join us.

Each thank you card was unique...with different flowers and various arrangements that fit with the amount of text on each card. I'll show one example, April 2010:

Of course, the flip side of the thank you card was the real gem. I gave LC the beautiful Strathmore canvas textured paper (which I was using in the past for charcoal, oils, ink and acrylics...patterns, abstracts...to create individually and then display together), a SQUARE shape, which is unique...6"x6". Great size. So, LC used her crayons to create the drawings, first, before I pressed the flowers onto the other side. LC did a lovely job, here are my 4 favorites: