Monday, March 14, 2011

2010, 2nd Quarter - Mama

Coming up in April 2011...I'll be attending an 8 week sculpture class with LC. Very excited about it. I'll post some pics of her work on the blog. The kids will use fabric, foam, found objects from nature and their own drawings. It will be cool for her to experiment with "space, structure, and movement". LC's first artwork in 3D.
Moving's what I created in the 2nd quarter of 2010 for LC. Decorations for her 2nd birthday party (bug & nature theme).

After the party was over...she asked if she could wear the tissue paper flowers I created as a headband...

I didn't know that making 30 giant tissue paper flowers (each attached to a pipe cleaner) would take so many hours. Below is a picture of some of them on the dining room table (along with the bean bag target I made)...I hung the colorful flowers all over the home... (since it was a bug & NATURE theme, for the party).

I used an Alex Paper Plate Bugs craft kit to create a few cute bug decorations. I put one up in each room, in a very visible location. The glue stick was I stapled and taped them together, in the back. These were a big hit.

Almost a year later...and this caterpillar still remains in LC's bedroom...

Though it was fun for me...and LC (and everyone else) loved the end took me quite a few hours to make all the decorations, since LC was too young to help out. For 5 days, I made one bug decoration every night and 6 flowers, before falling asleep.
This year? I purchased Elmo decorations & party favors for her upcoming 3rd birthday party. LC is in love with Elmo right now, so she is thrilled. I'd love to make some decorations with LC next year, though.